In the world of agree/disagree…

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We don’t really know each other.  In the world of agree/disagree, can the human condition evolve into, “it’s ok if we don’t think the same”.  But first, you have to put the gun down.

Are you a terrorist without a permit?
When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

Once you have answered these questions let’s TALK!
Not yell!  Not scream!  Not finger wag!  Not shove!  Not push!  TALK!

Ok I hear you.  You don’t want to talk.  You just want to think what you think and be with like-minded folk who think the same as you.  So you can sit, stand, eat, sing dance, love, pray uniformly together.

I have to admit.  I want to do the same thing.  It is so much easier.  My grey matter is so over-taxed. Besides, why do I want to consider someone else’s opinion when I am always right. All right, not always, but most of the time.

And let me tell you something else.  Every time someone tries to change my mind and I change it I always regret it.  When I change my mind, I have to change everything else. The new thought brings another new thought and another and another and soon I am rethinking everything.  When this happens, I have to adapt, adjust, make room for these new ideas.  It’s a lot of work.  If I stay with all like-minded folk, I just have to go along.  So much easier.
So why am I writing this if I just want to go along?  Well, I am getting nervous.  Truth be told I am terrified.  I confess, I have always been a coward.

This probably comes from being next to the youngest in a large family.  The youngest will always be the cutest.  The next to the youngest is dispensable.  And by being dispensable, I became the go-to sibling for my older siblings venting their frustrations.  Our family had an over abundance of frustrations.

And this is why violence, of any kind, terrifies me.  My daughters caught on early in their evolution knowing I would never touch a hair on their heads no matter what they did.
I substituted bellowing.  It was a good warm-up for my vocal chords.

Look if you want to stamp your feet and yell, be my guest.  Unfortunately, that is not what is happening today.  If you disagree or choose to think your own thoughts about politics, religion, divorce, sexual agendas…the list goes on ad infinitum…the like minders feel it their duty to make you the next to the youngest in the human family and vent their frustrations onto your all too human body.

So I cannot go along with the like-minders, much as I would like to because, as I said, it is so much easier.  They, increasingly, remind me of a family that is so frustrated, they always look for the “kid” to vent.

And while I am at it, where is the gratitude for being alive, food on the table, shelter, clothing when half of the world doesn’t know what that means.  I remember a British person reading half a sentence from our Declaration of Independence, “…, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Hey like-minders, it doesn’t say Americans are guaranteed happiness.  It reads pursuit of happiness.  If my pursuit includes disagreeing with your pursuit, so be it.  In this country, friends, there is room for all.

And, please, remember, as Jack said to the beanstalk:  GROW UP!