Voting Privilege

There is privilege in voting.  Not the privilege of wealth and education.  The privilege of being an American.  I am not alone in feeling it is one of the last American privileges we have before the corporations and power brokers find a way to disengage that one, too.

My friends and fellow voters, get ready.  Here comes the scold.

I have heard from more than a few they will not vote this year because for them there is no choice between Hillary and Trump.  What planet do you live on?

No choice???

A vote for Trump brings us back to the early 1930’s… and I am not talking about Germany. I am talking about New York City when Father Coughlin spoke at the Madison Square Garden Rally of a gathering of pro-Hitler Americans.   And that actually did look like it was taking place in Berlin.  And he did convince many Americans that it was the Jews and Roosevelt that were in a conspiracy to destroy our American way of life.

The language may be different – after all it is 86 years later- but the content is the same. Only it isn’t the Jews and Roosevelt.  I am convinced that will happen later.  How can he continue to leave out the Jew rant from his rants about Blacks and Latinos and immigrants?  He can’t.

My friends there is a choice…and here is my rant for women. Please. You can make a difference.  I do not care if Hillary doesn’t thrill you. I do not care if you don’t like her hair or her voice or her husband or her getting sick and trying to cover it up. You show me a woman who hasn’t tried to pretend she was just fine when she wasn’t and I will show you someone who isn’t a woman.  When it is important it is in our nature to act as if all is ok.

commit_share_meta_enAs far as the gaffs she has made, walk over to the mirror and tell yourself there was never a time when you would like to have your mouth sewn up, your brain disengaged from your mouth, the floor beneath your feet to open up and swallow you whole.  Oh, and you’re going to say it doesn’t count for you because you are not a politician and running for office. Since when did Hillary leave the human race.  Cut her some slack the way you did and do for Obama.

And while we are at it.  Where the hell is that fire brand Bernie Sanders.  Does anyone recall as soon as Hillary saw she lost the primary in 2008, she called Obama immediately and brought the party together.  After being the darling for all the darlings, it is as if he put whatever marbles he had left and took his hurt feelings and went home. Come on Bernie… now when you can make a difference why aren’t you?

OK for many she does not have simpatico vibrations.  I don’t understand that.  She was a good Senator for the state of New York.  She was a really fine Secretary of State.  (Please leave the damn email issue in your delete pile…didn’t she??)

And here is my last sense of women going awry.  It is almost as if women do not want a woman as President. And not because it is Hillary.  Because it is any woman.

Let us not forget it was women who defeated the ERA….. Phyllis Schlafly led them into battle to keep their status as the protected sex. And no matter what they say about Hillary this sits deep down in every woman.  We will lose status.  We will lose our position. Oh, sure now we woman have jobs almost commensurate with men but we want that AND we want to be protected.  That is definitely in our DNA.  My friends, we are not that far removed from our time as animals on this earth and in the water and in the sky.  Hillary succeeding would upset the cart.  Our secret will be out.  We still want to be protected.

You don’t agree???   Think about it. Why is she so hated, viscerally hated by certain people… it is not about her politics it is about her sex.

We do not have the luxury of choice in this election. The alternative is someone that has no experience.  Certain power brokers would love that.  We all want to be loved, but I think Trump is in a special category.  If you don’t love him the way he wants to be loved, he gets angry and his mouth starts spouting invectives and he will make Hillary look like a pussy cat.

Come on women show your grit!  Get out and do what you would do for anyone that would make your American vote a real privilege.