Please don’t waste your vote!

dont-waste-voteMy Friends, 

Below is a communication between myself and a dear friend whom I learned was planning to vote for a 3rd party candidate this election.  Trust me, I get it.  Surely, it represents innumerable conversations being had around dinner tables and water coolers around the country.  But, if there is ever a time to speak up and speak out (never an issue for me!) it is NOW.  Please read and share as you see fit!  

ME: It really is no one’s business who votes for whom and I would never presume to have an  opinion on anyone’s choice.  However, this election is DIFFERENT.  

It is no longer a matter of I don’t like either of them.  If you vote third-party or write in, it is a decided vote for Trump.  No matter what, they are the only two in the running for the Presidency.  And if you vote for anyone other than Hillary (I know she is not your favorite person…it doesn’t matter in this election), it becomes a vote for Trump.

And I tell you, if Trump were running on the Democratic ticket,  I would solidly vote for the Republican candidate.  That is how dangerous not voting for Hillary has become.  

Make no mistake.  Our lives and the lives of our children are in the balance.  You cannot hang your children out to dry, which is surely what you would be doing by not making Hillary your choice.  Until we rid ourselves of the Trump Plague, sacrifices must be made.

Please think about this.  I am sure you think you are doing the independent “thing” writing in a candidate.  Personally, I feel you are not.  We all  have to look beyond our noses to see what will happen if we don’t get the vote out for Hillary… it is too close not to understand what will happen.  And then no one’s plans or money will mean anything.

MY FRIEND: I’ve decided to vote for Hillary.  While I can completely appreciate the feelings of protest against both parties – parties that have so cooked the system for their own benefit over the last 30 years to everyone’s detriment – Donald Trump is the worst possible leader of that movement, or any movement for that matter.

That said, speaking of my children and the next generation, I’m not give up my hope and belief that character and integrity matters.  Regrettably, gone are the days – for now I hope – that our leaders represent the best of America.  With this vote, my hope is that we avoid ever having a President Trump or Ted Cruz for that matter and get another chance in 2020 to have a candidate that I truly believe represents the best of America regardless of party.

I hope everyone will take these feelings, as they were received, with great respect as I know we all are individuals, with different viewpoints and beliefs.

ME: I so appreciate your words and thoughts about this unbearable situation.  I could not agree with your more.  When will we have an election that we are voting FOR someone instead of AGAINST someone else?  Maybe in our children’s time.  

We really do have to rid ourselves of this “reality show” of an election.  I think the Romans knew how to throw a circus… gladiators, Christians, lions, and dancing-girls all in one arena… sounds like a Trump show.

Thank you for not telling me to go jump in a lake and mind my own business… the lake part would be easy, but minding my own business has never been an easy one for me.

Love, Sally-Jane

We have a champion! Her name is Michelle Obama!

My dear friends,

Hooray!  Women have a champion of their own sex!  Her name is Michelle Obama!

She is advocating for all of us – free from the fear, the anger, the violence we have been subjected to these last few months.

Please listen to this and you will discover how we can move away from the Trump traveling Roman circus reality show of lions, Christians, gladiators, dancing girls all in one arena to a better world of civility, respect, dignity, generosity and kindness.  She gives us all hope we can do it differently.

Come on my friends find yourself in her words. I promise if you listen, you will.

Love, Sally-Jane