All you need to do to lose your freedom is to be silent.  It is no longer possible to remain inactive.  Not after the airport debacle.  And, personally, I can no longer turn the other cheek.

HE KNOWS NOT WHAT HE DOES…bull shit!  He knows!

What is truly most discouraging and, yes, heartbreaking… HIS supporters do not see anything wrong with what HE is doing.  It is not our job to change their minds.  Most of THEIR reactions are defensive.  After years of being low man on the totem pole, you can almost hear it coming from the kindergarten playground, “NA, NA, NA-NA,NA!”

But enough about THEM.

Following this post is all the information you need to get it up, get it out, and shout your freedom, as long as you still have it.

Make no mistake, this is not ye olde Drama Queen, Sally-Jane, sounding the clarion call.

If I could ride a horse holding the reins in one hand and a lantern in the other I would proclaim as I rode:  “THEY are coming, THEY are coming”.

Like I said, being Silent isn’t an alternative  for any true American who believes in


Love ~ Sally-Jane


Please click the link below to get connected to this group, begun by a bunch of former Congressional staffers who, after Trump was elected put together this “Indivisible Guide”.  See their to-do actions for the week.

A Woman’s Place…

“Not My President”, Santa Fe

My Friends,

Yesterday it was clear that a woman’s place is wherever she chooses to place herself and around the world she chose to be seen, to be heard, to be counted.

Count yourself in and if you’re like me, who can’t figure out how to continue to be seen, to be heard, to be counted, here is exactly what you can do:

Ready to Fight: Emergency Call

Love, SJ

My Friends and Family Yesterday

What Goes Around Comes Around

History doesn’t repeat itself, people do…

It is 1867.  Andrew Johnson, being Vice President under Abraham Lincoln who was just assassinated, is now president. A war that claimed 620,000 lives, north and south, is over.  But is it?

The legacy of Lincoln’s life and death, the emancipation proclamation, and other laws and legislation, is under threat.  His vice president is a conservative southerner.  Yes, Lincoln played political football, too.

He placed a southerner on his ticket to help his election at a time when he thought it might lead the south away from a secessionist movement.  It didn’t.  And now, Johnson has become the darling of the conservative southerners. He is dismantling Lincoln’s legacy brick by brick and he is now, as president, doing something that will make at least the death of any union soldier superfluous.  He is refusing to give the black man the vote. He is blocking the process and progress of the reconstruction of the south.

That’s all the background you are going to get.  For details go Googling.

The point I am making… yeah, yeah, I know, come on already… what is my point?

Politics is confusing.  Believe me, politics is meant to be, if nothing else, confusing.  In confusion there is opportunity to tell a story that has little to do with fact or truth.

Those of us who fear that the hard won changes we have achieved over the last years will be wiped out by the grandstand grab of wealthy white men, please take note.Use your brain to descramble the confusion and the tricks.

Look, I started this blog with the given, “What goes around comes around.”  However, I think when it goes around to come around, it can get a little better, even if Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof would have said, “Of course, it can also get a little worse.”

Hey, that’s Life!

Wait a minute! I have a great idea! You want to stop feeling lost and alienated and hopeless?  This Saturday, January 21 get on a bus to Washington, D.C. or go to your town square and stand up and be counted.  I promise you’ll feel better!

I know I’m right! Right?
Of course, RIGHT!!

Love, SJ