Welcome to the Freedom Cafe!

Dear Friends & Family ,

If by chance last week’s video demonstration of the purpose for wearing a mask wasn’t convincing enough, I offer this alternative perspective that supports our well-defended “freedom to choose”.

Written by Libby Jones on Twitter. Submitted by Kathony Jerauld to The Ledger News in California.

Welcome to the Freedom Cafe!

We trust you to make your own choices if you want to wear a face mask. And, in the same spirit of individual liberty, we allow our staff to make their own choices about the safety procedures they prefer to follow as they prepare and serve your food.

We encourage employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom, but understand that some people may be allergic to certain soaps or may simply prefer not to wash their hands. It is not our place to tell them what to do.

We understand that you may be used to chicken that has been cooked to 165 degrees. We do have to respect that some of our cooks may have seen a meme or a YouTube video saying that 100 degrees is sufficient, and we do not want to encroach on their beliefs.

Some of our cooks may prefer to use the same utensils for multiple ingredients, including ingredients some customers are allergic to. That is a cook’s right to do so.

Some servers may wish to touch your food as they serve it. There is no reason that a healthy person with clean hands can’t touch your food. We will take their word for it that they are healthy and clean.

Water temperature and detergent are highly personal choices, and we allow our dishwashing team to decide how they’d prefer to wash the silverware you will put in your mouth.

Some of you may get sick, but almost everyone survives food poisoning. We think you’ll agree that it’s a small price to pay for the sweet freedom of no one ever being told what to do – and especially not for the silly reason of keeping strangers healthy.

Libby Jones

Love, Sally-Jane

P.S. My experience of this pandemic is that it is wreaking havoc with our emotions and psyche and ultimately physically.  People are saying and doing things that in ordinary times they would never say or do.

A friend sent me this Mark Twain quote and it went straight to my Heart, Mind and Soul and I feel better. If it’s relevant for you, I hope it helps. If isn’t relevant give yourself a reality check, pronto.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Freedom Cafe!

  1. Always love your blog….but these quotes are some of the best and relevant I’ve seen…; Stay healthy and sane…We need you,
    much love

  2. As usual your wit and wisdom hit the target every time. Mark Twain has been a favorite of mine for quite a few years now . Ever since J J and I starting reading his books out loud while on the train going to Yellowstone and then in Yellowstone since there was no TV or anything else to do in the time before bed. Thanks for the reminder
    Love ya girlfriend
    Marsha & J J

  3. I’ve been a chubby women without a bra for some time now and appreciate the Sally-Jane seal of approval. In a pandemic every comfort and act of freedom goes to the top of the list.

    I love reading your blog Sally-Jane. Thank you.


  4. My Dear Friend Sally, All I can say is the world is getting crazier from one day to the next! The only positive thought about the Corona virus is hopefully people are washing their hands more! 😷😂👍 Hope you are staying well ❤️ Love to you, Karen

  5. The bit by Libby Jones, above, is demented. Anyone who cannot understand the reason for wearing a mask in times of coronavirus pandemic, needs to be guided. Sure, a lot of the unmasking diatribe has resulted from politics but at the end of the day, it’s science that is driving the quest.If you don’t wear a mask, you’re risking your health and the health of others. The same goes for distancing. Handwashing is critical but that is only something you do for your own benefit. If you don’t find fault with a waiter/waitress touching your food, you’re lucky enough to have never had an illness. I just find it hard to believe that there are still depraved individuals on this earth that believe the way Libby Jones does. True we’re all tired of the burdens of this pandemic. But when you see the number of deaths that are resulting from it, the number of deaths that occur each day and the amount of money that the government is spending to get us vaccinations, it brings reality to illness.


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