The Way Pete Souza Sees It Is the Way I See It

Criticizing and judging is no longer satisfying to me. What is satisfying is exemplifying what I as an American citizen and a human, empathetic, compassionate being have been missing. I could write reams about it, but it has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So, why don’t I shut up and let you see what I mean…

Love, Sally-Jane

P.S. You can view the full documentary on your favorite streaming service.

3 thoughts on “The Way Pete Souza Sees It Is the Way I See It

  1. Hi Sally-Jane, Thanks for this blah blah blog. It led me to watch the trailer of the movie, which in only three minutes moved me so much. I used to wish that Trump would die and go to hell, but now I wish that he live to spend the rest of his life losing his base and fighting to defend himself in courts of all kinds, federal, state, local, as well as against class actions suits for his responsibility in the death of so many. Wouldn’t that be great Kharma – for him to get sick of dealing with lawyers and being in court that maybe he would commit suicide.

    Are you happy to be in FL?

    PS – It’s 45 now and steadily going up to 59 by 7 pm.


  2. What’s absolutely shocking and disgusting is not only Donald Trumps being, behavior and disrespect, but the many that condone, support and promote it.

  3. I’ve seen the entire documentary and it’s striking the stark difference between the last two administrations I’m happy we have as many as we will of Obama’s and not so much of the other in that same way they try and avoid saying names of terrorists, murderers and thieves…


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