The Big Laugh

My Dear Friends ~

I’m packing to travel North. This is not a fun thing to do. I need a laugh. I always need a laugh. And rewatching old episodes of The Nanny was not doing the trick because I can’t stand the laugh tracks 

Over the covid-pandemic-isolating year finding a laugh meant I could hold out for another day. I’m down to counting microseconds so I can take my shot-up body North to hug other shot-up bodies. 

Between packing breaks I hydrate and read. 

Today I received the April 12th issue of The New Yorker. Anthony Lane, their movie critic, provided me with THE BIG LAUGH.

Illustration by Hisashi Okawa

Hollywood has not lost their sense of humor with their latest blockbuster, GODZILLA vs KONG. Anthony Lane knocked it out of the park with his review, A Journey to the Center of the Earth in “Godzilla vs. Kong”

It almost makes me want to see it. 

Enjoy this one on me. 

Love ~ Sally-Jane 

One thought on “The Big Laugh

  1. Sally Jane, Thanks for sending this. Take deep breaths as you pack. I’ve always found that it helps to start weeks in advance.

    Speaking of the Kong franchise, I sometimes think about how the first baker of Tiramisu circa 1365 in a quaint Italian village squandered his future progeny’s wealth by not franchising the pastry. Now, any old Italian or even Greek restaurant can make the cake and call it Tiramisu. Imagine the billions that the baker’s family would have earned through the generations if he had franchised like Starbucks, controlling the recipe, quality, and production.
    Tiramisu means “pick me up or cheer me up.” I’ve had it through the years and it has usually cheered me up, and it has certainly always fattened me up.


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